Jacksons Lane – ‘Scorched’

For my first few months in London, I have tried to keep my days there as busy as possible, and without anything else planned for a Saturday night, we headed to Jacksons Lane – self labelled as ‘The Best Creative Arts space in North London’ to see a production called ‘Scorched’.

I love the theatre, and whilst we have a few West End trips planned, its too expensive to do with much regularity!


Jacksons lane itself seems quite trendy – I really liked its vibe. The production was really good. A man on his own did the whole thing, changing between being a present day old man with Dementia in a care home during the time of the Gulf War, precipitating flash backs to his younger years during World War II. The transitions between the two were very believable. Exploring themes of dementia, PTSD and alcohol dependence in a 70 minute monologue can be no easy task, but it was done perfectly and kept us talking about it all evening. An outcome I love from the theatre 🙂

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